New Daddy Fashion Dont's

First women were blamed for letting themselves go in the name of motherhood.  Vices like Mom Jeans and “Mommy Knots” (for the functional pony-tails held to the top of their heads with clips) topped the magazine “don't lists”â€"complete with photos of women with their eyes blocked out to save their anonymity.  Now, Details Magazine decries the Daddy Jeans.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand, is a dad who knows how to wear jeans!

Implications - While the Daddy Jeans haven't been quite as present in pop culture and the world of "fashion don'ts," they are certainly worth calling attention to it, as those who wear these washed out, strangely cut pains straight out of the eighties are surely the laughing stock of the office, the family and even your wife.