- Aug 24, 2011
Thanks to a backlash against heavily Photoshopped editorials, there has been a concerted paradigm shift towards organic beauty photoshoots. Shots that appear candid, feature a model pared down with little make-up, or make strong usage of a nature-filled backdrop are decidedly in vogue now.

In this collection of organic beauty photoshoots, we see a series of editorials and portraits -- some from major fashion magazines, many from the portfolios of young photographers eager to capture something ethereal and original -- each displaying a unique aesthetic that eschews the conventions associated with typical high-fashion photography.

So sit back, relax, and appreciate this welcome change of pace from the heavily airbrushed and Photoshopped editorials and photoshoots that have dominated fashion magazines since photo enhanced technology was developed. You may be surprised at how much you prefer these.

From Hot Hipsters to Supermodel Candids: