The SPR/PPL 'Strange Ways' is Expansive and Experimental

 - Aug 13, 2011
References: sprppl & bentrovatoblog
SPR/PPL is a photography duo composed of Andy Irwin and Luke Bryne. The two Australia-based photographers work in film, photography, and art direction for film and music.

For their latest photo shoot, SPR/PPL teamed up with a gorgeous young model named Kaila Hart, taking her to a warehouse where they planned on shooting something out of their traditional realm, which for two men that typically work on film or music sets, usually means on-location photography.

This SPR/PPL editorial plays strongly on Kaila Hart's organic beauty and expressive innocence. She is alternatively seductive, mysterious, and aloof. The duo plays with many photographic devices, including double exposure, in order to ratchet up the editorial's creepiness vibe.

It works. The SPR/PPL editorial is eye-catching, different, and original.