Zak Krevitt is a Self-Taught Photographer Who Exhibits Amazing Talent

Exposing the more fashionable side of men, Zak Krevitt is a photographer who captures raw beauty at its best. Recently shooting editorials for various companies like Post’age Denim, this up-and-coming photographer is definitely one to watch.

You would never guess Zak Krevitt is a self-taught photographer. He shows the apt ability to capture those rare moments that are hard to pin down. Although Zak Krevitt is a fashion photographer, his work is not limited to capturing the beauty of the clothing but also of the person within the frame. His website and Tumblr site both illustrate his talents as a photographer and artist.

Take a look at the portfolio of Zak Krevitt and keep an eye on him, as he is sure to reach daring heights of success.