From Haute Couture Helmets to Flirty Football Lingerie

 - Jan 24, 2014
With it being days away from the Superbowl, what better way to get into the stylish swing of things than with these fashion-themed football innovations?

The Superbowl may not be the Golden Globes and requires little to no dressing up, but it's fun to do anyway. If you're not a "guys girl" and still want to keep it girly during the biggest NFL game of the year that you're being forced to stick around for, then cover your football blues with fun anime-inspired football jerseys or skeletal football booties. Prop your football footwear up on the table in front of you and at least you'll have something you'll enjoy watching.

Football isn't a sweet cup of tea for everyone, but at least for the fashion lovers, it still can be.