From Matching Pet Owner Accessories to Slobbery Fundraising Challenges

 - Oct 26, 2014
From matching pet and owner accessories to slobbery fundraising challenges, these October 2014 pet ideas celebrate one's furry friends.

While celeb dog owners are using social media campaigns to stand up for dangerous and misunderstood breeds, owners of guinea pigs and chinchillas are creating photography sets that features their adorable pets. Both acts reject classic stigmas that are associated with dangerous dogs or rodent pets.

Pet owners are becoming more intrigued by personified products like Halloween dog costumes that make one's pet that much more human. Man's best friend is not only being treated as a member of one's family but is now dressing like one too.

On the cat front, multi-functional pet furniture is gaining popularity and aims to keep one's feline comfortable while fitting in with the look of a modern home.