The Dogs of the World Infographic by Lili Chin Features Dog Diversity

 - Sep 20, 2014
References: lilichin & neatorama
If you're curious as to where all the different dog breeds originated from, then this illustration by animator Lili Chin will offer you some great insight into the matter.

Titled 'Dogs of the World,' this chart sections dog breeds into different origins found across the world. Showcasing what breeds fall in line within American Dogs, Asian Dogs, English Dogs, German Dogs and French Dogs, these illustrations give users a clear vision of where some of most infamous dog breeds originated from. Giving some historical context to man's best friend, these charts from Lili Chin offer dog owners the chance to get some insightful knowledge into where their precious pup really came from.

While origins certainly won't affect the love you have for your furry pooch, it's nice to know what part of the world your pet came from.