Veteria Labs is Developing Snake Antivenom for Your Pet Dogs

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: bioveteria & coolbusinessideas
Lots of dogs and other household pets are bitten by scorpions and snakes, and unfortunately there is no snake antivenom formulated for them. Veteria Labs is hoping to change this and keep your beloved animals around a little longer. While hundreds of dogs are bitten and fatalities aren't enormously common, this does not minimize the pain or loss felt by their families.

Despite humans having developed snake antivenom 100 years ago, the pet-specific antidotes have fallen far behind. Based in Mexico City, Veteria Labs is working hard to address this issue. Currently they are working on creating antidotes for dogs from pit viper, coral snake and scorpion bites.

The veterinary antivenoms has yet to be issued a distribution and sale permit.