Using Omni Wheels and Arduino Technology You Can Play With Your Fish

 - Sep 20, 2014
References: ben-dror & psfk
In an effort to play with his pet fish Jose, Adam Ben-Dror incorporated omni wheels and Arduino technology into his aquarium. The Abovemarine allows fish to swim freely and specifically enables one Siamese fighting fish to engage with humans and other animals.

The industrial designer used a camera, processing and computer vision in addition to the omni wheels in this project. The final result is an aquarium entirely controlled by Jose, who can make the contraption move by swimming under the Arduino-projected light.

Ben-Dror hopes the Abovemarine will challenge people's preconceived notions of fish intelligence. Many people (especially young children) find fish pets to be boring since they can't play with them directly. This was a concept Jose is attempting to defy. The creator notes this is not a product or a living environment, but a symbolic gesture.