- Nov 25, 2017
Like the famous rap hit of the early 2000s, the November 2017 gaming trends are simply 'How We Do'. Unlike The Game, the gaming trends listed here are not at the center of an intense, bi-coastal rap battle spanning the better part of a decade, but perhaps better, the gaming trends here allow people to vicariously and virtually wage real battles.

Also like The Game, the gaming trends of November 2017 are focused on music. For instance, Just Dance Live is an immersive theater performance that encapsulates the record-breakingly popular music and dance video game of the same name. Further, the massive fantasy RPG 'Skyrim' has released an album with all its ambient music on it. If The Game's tracks rile people up, though, the Skyrim LP is sure to cool people down, with gentle atmospheric tracks sourced directly from gameplay.

From Mini Racing Drones to Live Stand-Up Comedy Games: