Avoid National Pancake Day 2013 With These Alternate Edibles

 - Feb 5, 2013
If National Pancake Day isn't your thing, then these anti-pancake creations are just the ticket to help avoid the fluffy cakes. Although they can be tasty, some people just plain don't enjoy the griddle-made cakes that are usually modified with different ingredients for switching things up.

Perhaps you're looking to avoid the little round breakfast must-haves this National Pancake Day because it makes sticking to a New Year's resolution that much harder. Conversely, maybe you've got a gluten intolerance and ingesting the fluffy things is easier said than done. Whatever the reason, avoiding anything like the cake-like creations on National Pancake Day 2013 is that much easier with this collection of breakfast foods that range from healthy to indulgent depending on your mood.