From Blazing Minimalist Photoshoots to Dark Saharan Images

 - May 14, 2012
These mysterious monochromatic editorials pay heed to the time-honored saying that less is more. Photographers, models and major publications have here focused upon the beauty of a singular color scheme, often playing up on white and black shades. The lack vibrancy here gives way to a cryptic appeal, leading viewers to ponder what may be lurking behind the scenes.

Blazing minimalist photoshoots and dark Saharan images have displayed an unrelenting preference for single-toned snapshots in the fashion industry. The pictures are haunting, captivating the gazes of chic enthusiasts who wish to emulate the ensembles shown. This impact is intentional as the exact effect that artistic directors hope to impart. There is also unrelenting emotion here, imbuing the productions with depression, joy and romance all at the same time.