The Numero China 11 September 2011 Editorial is a Classic Palette

The Numero China 11 September 2011 editorial exudes an air of mystery that certainly pulls you in and doesn’t want to let go. Captured a monochromatic palette, the photo shoot is a classic affair with timeless pieces that are sure to appeal to all eras.

Stunning model Grace Gao poses sensually in a variety of grand dresses. From exotic prints to plain button-downs, the ensembles definitely draw on all walks of life. Photographer Yin Chao has chosen to use a grey background that goes well with the overall classic feel of the shoot.

Take a look at the Numero China 11 September 2011 editorial for yourself to see how a little goes a long way.

Implications - No longer attracted to bold styles that make wild statements, consumers are looking for pieces of fashion that promote a more classic appeal. Designers attempting to establish their name on the market could consider coming out with more subdued styles for those who want to maintain a timeless aesthetic for their wardrobe.