- Mar 31, 2010
There really is no shortage of men’s fashions this year as menswear looks for 2010 range from frontier-inspired to preppy school boy. And while most men don’t pay much attention to fashion, instead considering most designer styles to be overly offbeat (sequined pants for men wasn’t as big of a hit last year as some might have expected), the menswear looks for 2010 could stand to change that.

Sure, there is still a shiny fuchsia suit and a pair of aluminum foil pants thrown into this year’s fashion line-up, but those small oddities are to be expected. For the most part, the key menswear looks for the year are very wearable. Click through this cluster to see everything from architectural apparel to disciplined military menswear!

From Tux Vested Denim to Layered Plaid Menswear: