From Lovely Rainbow Lamps to Storm Cloud-Inspired Lights

 - Jun 18, 2013
A modern home just isn't complete without a few interesting lighting fixtures. These lamp designs are guaranteed to add an interesting element to any living space. The lamps seen here range from pop culture style hero lamps to plant-incorporated lighting, so there really is a light design for every type of consumer.

Many of these lighting fixtures have minimalist designs, which fit in perfectly with any clean and simple living space. The lovely rainbow lamps are sure to brighten up a room. The color of this vibrant lamp can be changed from blue to green, or even orange just by moving a notch on the lamp. The deconstructed disco ball lamps add an element of shimmer to the room. They may not have their original disco ball shape, but they still sparkle.

These fantastic modern lighting fixtures offer stylish home owners a way to inject some interesting decor into their homes.