The Cyclope Lamp is a Bold and Boxy Diffuser with a Single Circular Opening

 - May 10, 2013
References: alessandrodiprisco
There is little that's conventional about the Cyclope Lamp, except that it appears to take a standard lightbulb as its source of illumination. The object has no separate stand or lampshade, rather combining both of these elements into its abstract plastic form.

A single piece of material was used to become the bulk of the table lamp. Designer Alessandro di Prisco chose translucent and opaque varieties to deliver different amounts of light to the fixture's surroundings. Black and white versions of the Cyclope Lamp only emit rays from a small round opening in one corner, located just in front of the embedded bulb. A bit of glow escapes from the folded sides of it too, while the colorful models give off at least diffuse illumination from all angles.