'Baby Birdhouse Lamps' from Modern Treetop are Soothing for All Ages

 - May 9, 2013
References: etsy & buzzfeed
Modern Treetops, a company specializing in products for the modern infant, has created a baby birdhouse lamp to help soothe infants and parents alike. The 'Baby Birdhouse Lamp' offered by Modern Treetops is made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo, and can be hung or placed anywhere around a baby-friendly abode.

The lamp offers a warm, halo-like glow from its window and door, softening the surrounding light and providing a relaxing environment for the over-tired infant. The light can be adjusted through the peek-a-boo doors, allowing for greater darkness during evenings to help cranky infants fall asleep.

As stated on their Etsy page, Modern Treetops has sold their products to many celebrities, including Christina Applegate, Jewel and Whoopi Goldberg. The lamp is not just for babies; many adults have found the soft light emitted from the bamboo structure extremely calming. If you're looking for something for both yourself and your little one to enjoy, the Baby Birdhouse Lamp will have both of you falling asleep in no time.