The Darkness Becomes Just as Important as the Light with Think Lanterns

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: thinkfabricate & media.designerpages
Created by Think Fabricate, the Think Lanterns line of interior illuminators play games with shadows, provoking thought and mental contemplation.

Five basic lamp designs make up the collection, ranging from the 'Tall Original Lantern' to the 'Flared Lantern with Duck,' each casting its own interesting shadow upon the ground. Due to the frame-like construction of these fixtures, they cast images of what appear to be 3D boxes, creating an optical illusion on the floor. The ones with the duck cutouts add an extra element of design that also interacts with its immediate surroundings.

The Think Lanterns line of lamps by Think Fabricate was designed by keeping in mind the effect of light as it creates darkness.