The Mickrib Light Has a Strong Frame of Repeated Wooden Rings

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: micklish
If you think about it, a standard lampshade really limits the luminescent effects of which a lightbulb is capable. The Mickrib Light features a very unusual sort of diffuser that offers full intensity and the slightly softer option of louvering.

Curtis Micklish makes these table lamps out of panels of plywood, cutting them into five individual pieces that take exactly the same form. The keyhole outline includes a straight base, a short stand and a broad opening, all extruded backwards by the repeated arrangement of the separate components.

The light globe is installed in the bottom of the timber ring and can be seen unobstructed from two sides; however, when you turn the Mickrib Light 90 degrees, its rays are broken up by the strips for a more gentle glow.