The Splite Light Does Dual Duty as Both a Lamp and Picture Frame

 - May 14, 2013
References: jvantspijker & tuvie
The Splite Light is a lamp designed by JvantSpijker to be personalized. The personalization comes in the form of a photo frame that sits atop the lamp. The frame allows you to add artwork or photos to the lamp, giving it a touch of personality. JvantSpikjer has designed several variations of the Splite Light. Each variation can be hung a different way; for example, some can be mounted onto a wall, hung from the ceiling or sat atop a coffee table.

When it comes to lamps, customization is not something designers often think of. JvantSpikjer set out to create both an ambitious design that was personal. The result doesn't look half bad, and it could also have a dual function as both a photo frame or lamp.