Facetada by AndreuCarulla Studio is Geometrically Reflective

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: andreucarulla & contemporist
Facetada by AndreuCarulla Studio, a design firm based in Banyoles, Spain, is a hanging light fixture that looks as though it is a deconstructed disco ball. The glittering geometric exterior reflects light in a dazzling way. While emitting a uniform glow from beneath, above it catches and reflects all the little details surrounding it onto the walls for a visually striking pattern that might enamor people more than the design itself.

Created using a Facetat dish, Facetada by AndreuCarulla Studio started out flat. Modeled to the designer's liking, it takes on an abstract form that makes it look as though it were floating in midair. Although the material might give it a cold aesthetic, it is actually full of warmth.

Facetada by AndreuCarulla Studio is particular perfect for restaurants and lounges.