From AR Clothing Customization Tools to VR Travel-Booking Services

 - Jun 25, 2017
As the June 2017 multimedia trends reveal, AR and VR technology are quickly changing the way consumers shop for everything from clothing to flights.

In terms of AR, imaging software is making it easier than ever before for consumers to envision the product of their dreams before they see it in real life. The Canadian menswear boutique Surmesur is one example of a company already using this technology to its advantage, by leveraging AR to help consumers design custom shirts, suits and jackets.

Similarly, VR is also changing the way consumers shop, by giving them a chance to immerse themselves in an experience before committing to it in real life. One unique example of this phenomenon highlighted by the June 2017 multimedia trends is Amadeus, which is currently testing a VR search and booking tool for vacations.