The Leica 'BLK360' 3D Imaging Laser Provides Remarkable Results

Developed by Leica Geosystems, the Leica 'BLK360' 3D imaging laser is intended to provide professional designers and architects with the ability to take measurements with total precision.

The Leica 'BLK360' works by being setup in a space and activated with the push of a single button in order to start the scanning process. The data that the Leica 'BLK360' collects can then be sent in real-time to AutoDesk ReCap Pro of which a one-year subscription is included with the equipment.

The Leica 'BLK360' 3D imaging laser scanner can be mounted on a tripod or placed on a flat surface and will provide limitless possibilities for digital creatives in order to better understand a space. The Leica 'BLK360' is expected to start shipping soon with the price point set at $16,000.