From Cricket-Laced Milkshakes to Patriotic Hamster Parties

 - Jul 26, 2015
These July 2015 unique trends range from designated duck lanes to donut-inspried sausages that blend sweet and savory flavors. Extreme foodies are bound to indulge in the month's eclectic dessert offerings that range from cricket-laced milkshakes to fishy ice cream parfaits while healthy consumers will gravitate towards bizarre food substitutes that mimic those consumed by astronauts in space.

In addition to eclectic snacks and menu items, these July 2015 unique innovations include satirical celebration balloons that feature slogans like "another year closer to the sweet release of death" along with transparent necktie accessories that can be customized to one's style preferences.

The month's remaining examples include VR-powered home gyms that enhance one's workout with the help of sophisticated technology along with charitable vending machines that encourage users to donate to a good cause.