In Japan People are Able to Purchase Bottle Panties From Vending Machines

 - Jun 11, 2015
References: & mashable
While some people might prefer coasters when it comes to dealing with condensation on beverage containers, in Japan you can buy bottle panties. From novelty goods producer Kitan Club, the bottle underpants come in a variety of designs and are typically sold in vending machines. As if the environmental damage from plastic water bottles wasn't enough, now you can look even more ridiculous with strawberry patterned undies on them.

While the bottle panties mostly exist as a funny item, they do also serve to catch moisture beads if your water bottle contents are icy cold, and will therefore protect any wood surfaces you choose to set your undergarment-clad drinks on. Also, they only come in one size, so your 2L bottles will have to go naked unlike your 500ml ones.