This Artist Covers His Entire Head with Numerous Random Materials

 - Jun 2, 2015
References: edumonteiro & laughingsquid
Edu Monteiro produced a collection masquerade self-portraits that feature his head engulfed with an excessive amount of different materials. Each image shows a new material being used. He has worked with everything imaginable from plush children's toys to cigarettes. Some images are a lot more creepy than others. For example there are a few images where Monteiro is wearing an octopus or an animal carcass.

This collection of sometimes playful and sometimes alarming photographs is an expression of Monteiro's search for self-identity. The images can be interpreted differently by each viewer.

These bizarre masquerade self-portraits seem to strike a balance between humor and horror. The struggle to find an identity among the clutter that surrounds us externally and internally is what this artist is trying to accomplish. Through his own outlet he has manged to convey a journey without using words.