From Wild Retro Swimwear to Barely-There Liquid Bikinis

 - Apr 22, 2011
It's almost time to bust out those itty-bitty bikinis because swimsuit season is just around the corner! The key to these summer fashions is that the skimpier the suit, the better. From blingtastic swimwear to liquid bikinis, these suits will ensure that you'll be hot in more ways than one this summer. Flaunt these barely-there beachwear pieces and you'll have people jumping in the pool to cool off from your sizzling-hot looks.

May I suggest that if you're going to reveal your babelicious bod wearing one of these tiny swimming pieces, make sure you're just hanging out on the sands and not swimming in the waters or you're going to be revealing a lot more against the crashing waves--I'm sure these itty-bitty bikinis are going to fall right off.