From Hipster Bonfire Portraits to Inspirational Quote Posters

 - Jan 29, 2013
Today's trends were dominated by products and creations that were something to behold. Visually striking posters, editorials and architecture all found a place in the top 20, and seemed to really resonate with readers.

Two innovative poster series were popular today. Dope Prints, a series of cleverly designed move posters, featured symbolic icons to represent quotes from movies like The Social Network and The Godfather. Each print had somewhat of a gritty feel, adding to the appeal of these creative designs. Ben Fearley, on the other hand, uses his typographical skills to create incredibly inspirational posters with popular quotes.

The Przelany Armchair, which looks like it's made of spilled liquid, grabbed the attention of many readers for its odd design, showing that the desire for unusual interiors is still very much alive. If you're looking for insights into interesting design products, check out Trend Hunter's Design Trend Report.