Tiqo Packaging Uses a Graphics and Text Hybrid for a Unique Logo

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: mfutura.mx & thedieline
If you look at most product wrappers, they'll use letters and images side-by-side, while several others opt to employ illustrations or words exclusively. Tiqo packaging finds itself at the intersection of these visual identity techniques with a logo that satisfies as both graphic and text combined.

The letters T, I, Q and O are constructed from two tall, white rectangles and two circles. They've been accented with two blue slashes that define the top of the T and the tail of the Q. The characters look like pictograms or symbols at first, but fairly quickly reveal themselves as abstract alphabetical figures that the consumer can read.

Manifesto Futura of Mexico came up with this branding strategy for Tiqo packaging and T-shirts. The tequila-based beverage would stand out at the liquor store in its misleading beer-like bottle and with its clean and minimalist aesthetic.