Munch on One of These Honey Boo Boo Favorite Snack Options

 - Jan 7, 2013
This list of Honey Boo Boo favorite treat varieties is made for all of you reality junkies and junk food lovers out there.

The tiny reality tot, who first made her debut on Toddlers and Tiaras has now sky rocketed to reality star fame now that her and her family have a show of their very own. As the shows popularity has increased in fame, so has their meal choices. Some of these foods include packaged snack cakes, chicken nuggets, spaghetti and of course the infamous 'go go juice,' which is concocted from part Red Bull and part Mountain Dew.

Though many of these Honey Boo Boo favorite meal options may not be part of a balanced diet or healthy in anyway, many of us, including the tot, know how delicious it really is.