Tasty Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle Reinvents the Cocoa Pastry

 - Dec 14, 2012
References: recipegirl
Chocolate chip cookie brittle takes a classic cocoa-filled recipe and turns into an explosive crunchy treat.

Transforming the golden dessert into a hard brittle is an interesting and easily done experiment. You don’t need to melt any sugar for this recipe, just refrain from adding eggs, brown sugar and baking soda when you mix up your cookie dough. The mixture will become very clumpy, you need to stir it until it forms smaller lumps before adding in your chips and smoothing it onto a baking sheet.

The lack of the wet ingredients and baking soda will cause your pastry to come out flat and super crunchy. To finish the chocolate chip cookie brittle glaze on some melted chocolate using the same chips that are in the cookies.