The Elusive Hostess Snack

 - Apr 15, 2007
References: freshchocodiles & x-entertainment
You might be asking yourself "What's a Chocodile?" and let me tell you, the Chocodile fanatic community would collectively gasp and wring their hands for you. The Chocodile by definition is a: chocolate-covered Twinkie. Yes folks, that's it, that's all. A chocolate-covered Twinkie that Interstate Bakeries Corporation (better known to you as Hostess) makes and sells in limited quantities. So limited in fact that websites featuring this elusive snack have big memberships of folks trying to locate them. People have spent months trying to track these snack cakes down and some have been very disappointed when they finally manage to get their hands on a few already expired treats. One way to obtain these goodies is from the Hostess Bakery Thrift Store. Yes, Hostess has thrift stores in just about every state and if your lucky enough, it's in your city. Now, I love a good thrift store and a bakery thrift store seems like a might-fine idea and they have some the most hard-to-find Hostess products you can think of like raspberry-filled powdered donuts, zingers, Ho-Ho's and those Hostess fruit pies they used to advertise on the back of Archie Comic books. If you can't get to a Hostess thrift store, there is another way. Check out the home of Chocodile online ordering that promises fast and fresh delivery of the infamous and elusive treat.