From Psychedelic Dairy Branding to Literal Fruit-Shaped Logos

 - Nov 22, 2013
In order to leverage themselves against a sugar-crazed market filled with sodas and pop drinks, companies have had to get creative with their healthy beverage packaging and branding. It's especially hard to attract attention in aisles full of recognized brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which also satisfy your daily sugar quotient. However, if the right bottle catches your eye, you might be more likely to take the healthy route -- a fruit smoothie or a good-old fashioned glass of milk.

For instance, Yummy Milk forgoes bland designs in favor of a vibrant, color-splashed design that will surely get noticed on the shelves. Meanwhile, Bunch Juice Company has gone for a more personalized approach, featuring drinks that come with a name and a back story.