The Vitamin Water SHINEBRIGHT Campaign Encourages Individuality

Collaborating with a number of iconic figures of niche culture, the Vitamin Water SHINEBRIGHT campaign sees the outspoken individuals personifying a specific flavor of the refreshing beverage. Decked out in colors that are spot on with the respective flavor, the advertisements of the Vitamin Water SHINEBRIGHT campaign look to celebrate individuality and some seriously inspirational people.

The Vitamin Water SHINEBRIGHT campaign is paired with the #SHINEBRIGHT hashtag to help everyone get involved with the conversation and express their own view or conceptualization of being themselves. The campaign is being paired with a series of video interviews that are behind-the-scenes with the models and help to identify the ways they're contributing positively to the creative industry.

Being released individually and collectively, the Vitamin Water SHINEBRIGHT campaign advertisements can be found in urban hubs on a global scale.