Melo Packaging is the Rind that Protects the Fruit Juice Inside

 - May 23, 2012
References: imagemme & lovelypackage
Melo packaging exercises a delicious concept through which the bottle that contains the drink is modeled on the thick skin of the fruit within. The watermelon juice comes in one original and two enhanced flavors, offering fresh mint and a tangy lemon behind the label.

All three have been bottled in bulbous dark green flasks of BPA-free plastic, designed to imitate the flesh of the pulpy edible. But lacking in the rough streaks of a lighter lime color, the aesthetic approached by Imagemme is one of simplicity and purity.

The logo upholds the same visual principle of clarity, with a soft typeface in lowercase letters. It is, however, supplemented by the delectable icon of a slice of the sweet treat. Melo packaging rivals the scrumptious appeal of the fruit itself and presents a much more convenient wrapper.