- Jul 27, 2012
This collection of graceful gypsy editorials depicts a culture and style of living that is widely different from the rat-race that many city-dwellers are accustomed to.

The alternative fashion style infiltrates both clothing and culture -- accentuating the whimsy in life. It features signature tousled and untamed hair, draping frocks and kaleidoscope color palettes amidst accessories like feathers and headbands that were once mainstream popular in the 60s. The tone that is coupled with such editorials and photoshoots is one that holds a deep connection with nature, peace and patience. Individuals who sport this look are often associated with being a free spirit.

Since being a "free spirit" is overall a desirable quality, there is a growing subculture of those who break free from the status quo (they may be regarded as hipsters) and opt for the boho-chic look.

From Eclectic Bohemian Shoots to Frugal Hippie Fashion: