'Bohema' by Joanna Kustra is a Treat for the Aesthete

 - May 24, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
References: qstra.pl & behance.net
Joanna Kustra's 'Bohema' photo set is a treat for the aesthete. Kustra captures a sizzling model in a lush outdoor setting wearing hippie-chic bohemian clothing.

Joanna Kustra's 'Bohema' is a treat for the aesthete. In many photos, the model is barefoot; in others, the colors captured are so vibrant as to be from another time, before nature gave way to cities, concrete and steel.

Implications - Old is new again and the return of hippie, bohemian styles is evident in both the worlds of fashion and photography. Consumers are seeking to revitalize old styles and bring a sense of youthfulness and personal flavour. As a result, fashion shoots are often styled and set in this Bohemian world. This creates a market for not only the clothes, but the accessories -- and an expanded realm of possibilities of set designers and stylists.