Sarika Pancholi is a Designer With Daring Ideas

This cunning collection of couture knitwear looks like it was designed for dainty woodland pixies.

Designer Sarika Pancholi is a fresh university graduate and is already making her name known with this collection called 'A Digestible Thing for a Western Audience.' The styles in this series of fun frocks are a fusion of her Indian culture and western looks, with the fabric all carefully knit by Pancholi. All of the pieces are shredded into whimsical tassels, giving the collections a very bohemian vibe.

This creative collection of clothing by designer Sarika Pancholi is stunning.

Implications - Current fashion trends are encouraging consumers to stray from crowd-conformity and to express their individual styles. These consumers desire products that are unique for the designs, or customizable to their tastes; these will promote and portray their values to their peers.