From TV Fantasy Throw Pillows to Fantasy Throne Cakes

 - May 30, 2013
Only in its third season, HBO's hit series Game of Thrones has spawned not only a enormous cult following but also a slew of marketable Game of Thrones products.

Game of Thrones has grown in popularity for it's bloodthirsty family feuds, heroic battles, conniving plot lines, mystical fantastical elements, bare-all nudity and, let's not forget, the numerous sexy actors. Each character has it's own massively loyal fan base, from Khaless to Jon Snow. Now, classic Game of Thrones moments from the Iron Throne to Joffery's eerie stare have become so world-renowned that they've sparked the creation of hundreds of Game of Thrones products and tributes.

From retro character TV illustrations to brutally beheaded cake pops, Game of Thrones products are certainly growing into a world-wide trend.