The Game of Thrones Cake by Kensei Yonzon is a Dessert of Epicness

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: facebook & thatsnerdalicious
If there were one word to describe Kensei Yonzon's Game of Thrones Cake, it'd be epic.

For those who remember the Game of Thrones promo featuring Sean Bean (aka Eddard Stark) sitting on a badass looking chair, that's exactly what Yonzon has recreated. The swords that made up the epically spiky seat is now in a delicious chocolaty confection form. The Game of Thrones Cake is made up of marshmallow and chocolate fondant for sculpting as well as chocolate frosting to top it off.

There's no doubt that fans of the novel turned HBO show will immediately love the Game of Thrones Cake upon first glance. It's a great homage and it's dessert -- what's not to like?