Joffrey Bieber Blog Hilariously Combines Two Controversial People

The Joffrey Bieber Tumblr page is a goldmine for Game of Thrones fans with a dislike of pop star Justin Bieber. Photoshopping Bieber’s face onto that of Game of Thrones character King Joffrey, Joffrey Bieber deftly creates humorous caricatures of Bieber in compromising situations.

Several of the photos depict scenes from Game of Thrones in which King Joffrey stands over a soon-to-be executed prisoner with the caption, "You Belieb or you die," referring to Bieber’s vocal resentment of people who dislike his music. Another scandalous photo shows Selena Gomez’s face superimposed onto that of character Sansa Stark while declaring Bieber a "monster," a subtle nudge at Gomez and Bieber’s public breakup.

This blog is just one of many niche Tumblrs contributing to Internet culture with tongue-in-cheek analyses of pop culture and a creative way to tie together two very different audiences.