Patriotism in Celebration of Flag Day, From Designer Coffins to Patriotic Pasties

 - Jun 14, 2010   Updated: Mar 26 2011
This cluster gathers 65 flag finds of all shapes, sizes and nationalities in celebration of U.S. Flag Day.

Whatever flag you wave, take a look at these flag finds, with everything from presidential plushy puppies to wild patriotic hairstyles to Communist ringtones to patriotic pasties.

Happy U.S. Flag Day!

Implications - Patriotism has hit a fever pitch in today's war-torn world, and innovative designers in nearly every genre have found commercial success by releasing products with a blatantly patriotic theme. Between political election seasons and global athletic competitions such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup, pride in one's country is an evergreen phenomenon that has no expiration date or optimal season.