- Feb 24, 2019
The February 2019 world trends point to the evolving culture of traveling.

Among the innovative hotel concepts, for instance, is the 'Check Out Suite' at Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg, Sweden. It challenges guests to stay offline and proves to be the ultimate digital detox getaway. Another one in the February 2019 world round-up is the manga-themed hotel in Tokyo's Kanda district that provides guests with access to 5,000 Japanese comics. The Hilton London Bankside, on the other hand, has the perfect suite for the vegan traveler.

It becomes evident through this that hospitality establishments are beginning to narrow their focus and target niche areas that rely on some form of customization. This extends to accessories and a great example is Horizn Studios' functional smart travel luggage.

From Transportation Subscription Services to Worldly Whisky Blends: