- Feb 23, 2019
While it may seem like digital toys are all the rage, the February 2019 toy trends reveal that there's still a place for more simplistic analog toys.

On the one hand, toys that teach future skills such as coding and robotics continue to be popular. One example is the 'Little Sophia' robot toy, which uses the power of AI to support children's education in STEM. Another example is Artie 3000, which was unveiled at CES 2019 as a way to combine coding with art and design.

Of course, the February 2019 toy trends are not completely dominated by digital. For instance, the Amsterdam-based creative practice Felix Salut created a simple yet creative typography-themed board game, which can be used to imagine different fonts with nothing more than little tiles.

From Artful Coding Robots to Deceptively Simple Puzzles: