From Anti-Pollution Face Mists to Exfoliating Face Sticks

 - Feb 26, 2017
The February 2017 skincare trends reveal a focus on products that aim to lessen the negative impact that pollution and the sun can have on skin, as well as those that are formulated in ways not commonly seen.

With pollution on the rise in many of the most populated areas on earth, skincare products are beginning to offer ingredients that aim to combat pollution's harmful effects. REN's 'Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist' is one such example – a refreshing spray that contains ingredients that aim to defend the skin against pollutants like cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and UV light.

The 'Frxxxtion Stick' by Tarte Cosmetics provides consumers with a convenient way to exfoliate and cleanse their skin. The product comes in solid form and can be rolled onto the skin while cleansing – with its charcoal ingredients working to exfoliate and clean out pores.