Mizon's Spot Treatment Includes AHA, BHA, Sulfur and Calamine

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: takegoodcare
Bi-phase beauty products are easily identified by having ingredients that sit on top of one another in the same bottle rather than mixing together, as is the case with Mizon's two-layer blemish treatment.

The colors that are visible through the container of the 'Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot' product are more than just a design feature. The first liquid layer is made of a blend of AHA, BHA and sulfur, which were specifically selected to unclog pores, promote cell turnover and disinfect. The second layer of this drying blemish treatment is heavier and falls to the bottom of the jar. This thick base layer is made of calming calamine, which helps to reduce redness and swelling in affected areas.

To use, the Korean skincare brand advises: "Do not shake the bottle, but allow the pink sediment to settle before using. Carefully dip a cotton swab down to the bottom layer of the bottle" and apply to areas in need of a spot treatment.