BladeButter's RazorBooster Features Technology to Prolong Razor Sharpness

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: bladebutterbrand
When razor sharpness is lost over time, the shaving tool slowly becomes more and more useless, as well as a safety hazard that leaves skin more prone to being nicked. Frequently replacing one's shaving tools is an option, but BladeButter provides a better solution that has the potential to save consumers money.

RazorBooster is a pre-shave razor treatment that features Nano Filtration Technology (NFT). As the brand describes, it features "oil molecules small enough to penetrate the metal of your blades protecting them from the inside out." As a result, oxidation and friction are reduced, while leaving skin nourished with aloe vera and Vitamin E. RazorBooster makes it possible to lengthen the usage of a razor by up to ten times its normal lifespan.