Miss Spas '24k Gold Radiance Mask' Can be Purchased for Just $4

 - Jan 21, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
A renewed interest in precious materials like gold, pearls and diamonds for skincare has seen the creation of a number of high-end luxury skin oils, creams and other treatments. For instance, there are some 24k gold mask treatments that cost $300 for a single session. While many people simply cannot justify spending large sums of money on something that seems as frivolous as a face treatment, Miss Spa is now offering a cost-effective solution for just $4.

Miss Spa's 20-minute '24k Gold Radiance Mask' promises to restore, hydrate and brighten one's complexion, while also being beneficial for treating concerns to do with dryness and aging.

In recent months, consumers have become excited by both sheet masks and metals that boast youth-enhancing qualities; an affordable product like this makes the benefits of both accessible to the masses.