- Feb 21, 2015
These February 2015 retail trends range from auto buyer e-commerce sites to 3D printing stations that allow consumers to create a personalized product. As experiential and responsive retail takes off, brands are infusing their retail spaces with modern technology and interactive design elements.

These range from interactive fitting rooms and mirrors along with iPad-equipped changing areas that give consumers access to stock information. These tablet-infused fitting rooms also connecting shoppers with a customer service representative who can help them complete their purchase.

Enhancing a consumer's overall experience, these February 2015 retail trends are not only focused on in-store innovations. As e-commerce grows increasingly popular, platforms like car purchasing websites and augmented reality clothing shops are changing the way consumers experience online shopping.

These platforms mimic an in-store experience in the comfort of one's home and are convenient and wait-free.

From Auto Buyer E-Commerce to Personalized 3D Printing Shops: