From Hot Hipster Mermaids to Edgy Snow White Remakes

 - Jul 29, 2011
Mirror mirror, on the wall, which of these fairy tale heroine revivals beats them all? From razzle and dazzle Rapunzel photoshoots to badass Red Riding Hood film adaptations, there's no denying that the damsel in distress story -- with a modern twist -- is making a comeback. With two Snow White remakes set to be released in 2012, it's clear that these revamped classic tales are not soon on their way out.

There's no telling what other fables will be given the Hollywood treatment in the near future, but until then there are plenty of heroine-inspired photoshoots to hold you over. Disney fans will love the stunning cartoon-inspired eye artwork, great for a night out or storybook-themed party. These fairy tale heroine revivals are whimsical, often sassy, and always fabulous.